The vineyards

Our vineyards are situated on the small plain created by the tributaries of the Isonzo, which extends from the hills of the Collio region towards the Adriatic Sea.
The poor, stony, dry soils are ideal for viticulture.
Indeed, poor soils are very important to limit the vigour of the vines and prevent excessive production.
Our vineyard strategies have always respected the distinctive nature of the soil, whose low fertility makes them perfect for high-quality viticulture.
Our vineyards are all single-Guyot pruned and vertical-trellis trained, with a high vine density to promote root competition and canopy restriction.
During planting, great attention is paid to the selection of clones and rootstocks, which must be suited to our soils. Green cover is planted in alternating rows.
The wines vary according to the grape varieties and average yields are around 1–1.5 kg per vine.