Isonzo DOC

The Isonzo DOC zone is the one to which my estate belongs and so Ronco del Gelso’s wines bear the name “Isonzo del Friuli” on the label.
The designation guarantees the origin of a wine and my winery, while entitled to use this name, is subject to monitoring according to the law.
We made this choice because I believe that the Isonzo area is in itself a guarantee of the genuineness of the wines made here.
My conviction is so strong that the label also bears the name of the Rive Alte subzone on those wines for which it is permitted.
Indeed, the unique genetic characteristics of Isonzo wines are even more pronounced in this subzone, where all our vineyards are situated.
It should be noted that designation of origin is not a guarantee of quality; it is always the task of the winery to work to achieve high-quality products, which nonetheless have a strong territorial identity.