Characteristics of the wines

Wines are the product of the varieties from which they are derived, along with the soil, climate and vintage, and also the personality that the producer wishes to impart them.
My wines are “secular” in style, far removed from any ideological claims. They are mealtime wines, designed to accompany food and good company. My wines are defined by my personal winemaking experience, knowledge of grape varieties and their behaviour in this region.
Here the climate and soil give rise to a sweet aromatic quality, full-flavoured rather than acidic body, and prominent fruit.
I have always sought to enhance the finest characteristics of the grapes that I ferment, using non-invasive vineyard techniques that do not detract from the recognisability of the variety.
My ideal wine is balanced and elegant, with sufficient concentration that must never be transformed into muscular body for the mere sake of it.
It must also be ageworthy.
I have often managed to achieve my goal, but I have to admit that not everything always turns out as it should!